Friday, June 03, 2005

God made him simple. Science made him a god.

OK so this isn't a regular post for me but I have to ask:

I'm totally re-doing my moms flower garden because a nasty groundcover weed has basically taken it over. I was out there digging this morning but the roots to the thing are way to massive I can't get it all out of the ground. I would just use a heavy weed killer but there is a rose bush in the area.

So what should I do? How do I get rid of the weed, preferably permanently, without hurting the rosebush?

Please help,

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

We where mearly freshman

I forgot! I forgot!

I forgot to tell yall that I have changed my major yet again :/
This time I will be studying Anthropology and religion. I decided to ditch the history thing because the history department didn't have what I was looking for (ancient civilizations) but the anthropology department does!!!!! YAY! I'm still not sure what I wan't to be when I grow up...maybe an archeologist, or something. Anyways so yeah, I need to change my blog heading and stuff.

Don't forget to guess the quote.....or do forget, I don't care either way.


You owe me a new acorn

So my life is finally getting situated and back to normal. I usually deal halfway decent with change and transitions, but this time there was so much stuff to be done that I had to prioritize and as a result I made my blog a very low priority.

Good news! I now have internet access at home and so I will officially resume regular posting on my blog as A few things of business though: I'm not going to finish writng about my spring break trip unless I am begged and pleaded....Spring break was a few months ago and I would rather write about things somewhat in the now. The only thing importaint from that you need to know is that Charles and I broke up and I am now dating the perfect guy; his name is Jake and he is perfect. :-)

The next item of business is I will start (eventually but not today) trying to finish my blog layout and get my links working on it. I know it's all shitty, but thats why I belong to the shitty blogs club....right?

The final item of business is I am starting a quote guessing thing. A lot of my post titals are from movies, books, songs and no one ever says anything about them :/ Well, maybe I can find a program that would keep a running tab on how many people guess the quote right and then you can have bragging rights or something. I would give actual prizes but I have no money or anything prize worthy really. So go ahead and start guessing...todays post tital is a quote!


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