Monday, May 16, 2005

Workin' at the car wash

School is over!
I'm out of the dorm!
I'm back home :/

It's been crazy, I don't remember having so much stuff but when I tried to move back into my bedroom at my mom's house nothing fit the way it used to. So, I have been deep cleaning my room and the spare bedroom wich we are turning into an office. I finally got my room all situated yesterday and we are going to have a humungous garage sale this weekend to get rid of all the stuff that literally won't fit in the rooms....G-d I feel so materialistic sometimes.

I got my grades back. I won't post them because I'm pissed off about them, but I at least have a high enough GPA to keep my scholarship. But my UNM GPA is still lower than I have ever had in my life and it sucks....

Now the goal is to find a job for the summer. I need a job so I can get a car so I can go to school in the fall. If not, then I'm screwed! There is a couple places within walking distance from my moms house and there is also a mall I can kind of hike to. The bus service on this side of town sucks so getting anywhere by bus is nearly impossible. For those of you who don't know Albuquerque is really spread out and it takes forever to get anywhere and the roads/mass transportation systems really suck so your pretty much stuck to a small area of where you can walk to unless you live downtown.

Sorry for the negative mood of this post. It's hot and I can't sleep. We don't have the air conditoner on yet and I'm dying of heat. I'll post more later.

Glad you survived, Jen. Enjoy your summer!
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