Monday, April 25, 2005

can you tell me how to get to sesame street?

The protest was actually Saturday, not Friday. I was missinformed by NBC (what else is new?). Anyways, I'm not mad about it any more. They had like 12 people there and it seemed really stupid and pointless. If you want the recap of it go to a-[e]'s blog he took pictures even elmo showed up! You can also read about it in the daily lobo...they have a close up picture of two guys kissing in front of the protesters (you'll need to search for the Monday 25th article if your reading this any other day).

Even though I think these people might actually be pure evil, or at least really misguided a guy named Jacob Phelps quoted in the daily lobo actually said something very profound almost, and theologically deep. He said "god is hate, he's everything." Thats a very philosophical Taoist aproach to what the Tao is, just said with the word "god" instead of Tao. The only problem is that Taoists would say something like "The Tao is hate, but the Tao is pure love." Or something like that to help recognize not only the duality of yin and yang but to show that the Tao is everything, both good and bad.

Ok, I'm shutting up now!

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