Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ceasars Bath Meme (revised and completed)

Behold, the Caesar's Bath meme! List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can't really understand the fuss over. To use the words of Caesar (from History of the World Part I): “Nice. Nice. Not thrilling… but nice.”

1. Usher- Why does everyone like Usher? He isn't the greatest singer, he only has one verse and then sings the chorus "over and over again" and thats it! He annoys me.

2.Reality TV shows- Including but not limited to Fear Factor, Survivor, Bachlorette, Who Wants to Marry My Dad and various other stupid over-dramatized shows. This does not include QESG or home makeover shows like Trading Spaces (at least those shows are doing things to better other people, not to see who can eat the most brown lacruse spiders).

3. Radio Station flippers- This only bugs me when I am driving. I think the driver should get to decide what music to listen too and it just annoys me when I'm driving and someone, not mentioning any names (Jeremy and Crystal) change the radio station fifty million times a minute. I feel like installing an electric shock thing into the radio so everytime they touch it they will shock themselves. (Although knowing Jere and Crys they'd enjoy it).

4.Putting tuition on your credit card- This one is pretty self explanitory. I just don't understand why someone would do it. But please feel free to enlighten me.

5. Clubing- I've been to one, but don't understand the whole concept of dancing, getting drunk, dancing more, and then ending up sleeping with someone you don't know. True, thats just the stereotype of clubs but still, the drinks are way to expensive for a poor college student, the guys when I went weren't that cute and the music wasn't the best.

Monday, April 25, 2005

can you tell me how to get to sesame street?

The protest was actually Saturday, not Friday. I was missinformed by NBC (what else is new?). Anyways, I'm not mad about it any more. They had like 12 people there and it seemed really stupid and pointless. If you want the recap of it go to a-[e]'s blog he took pictures even elmo showed up! You can also read about it in the daily lobo...they have a close up picture of two guys kissing in front of the protesters (you'll need to search for the Monday 25th article if your reading this any other day).

Even though I think these people might actually be pure evil, or at least really misguided a guy named Jacob Phelps quoted in the daily lobo actually said something very profound almost, and theologically deep. He said "god is hate, he's everything." Thats a very philosophical Taoist aproach to what the Tao is, just said with the word "god" instead of Tao. The only problem is that Taoists would say something like "The Tao is hate, but the Tao is pure love." Or something like that to help recognize not only the duality of yin and yang but to show that the Tao is everything, both good and bad.

Ok, I'm shutting up now!

Friday, April 22, 2005

By our love

"They will know we are Christians by our love..." I learned that song in the third grade when I made my first holy communion in the Catholic Church. Thinking about it though....what love? I'm not saying ALL Christians hare hatefull, but many of them have, in my opinion lost site of what it really means to be a Christian.

Today the group is comming to UNM. I'm pissed as hell. Although the LGBTQ group is flattered that we would be recognized for our diversity (which is such an awesome approach in my opinion) I can't help but look at the situation in a differant way. These people are supposed to be Christians and when you think of Christians used to anyways you would think of "love". The kind of love that Jesus taught us to have. But now everyone goes around saying "G-d hates___ " you can fill in the blank there are plenty of things that G-d hates according to Christians. G-d hates homosexuals, pornography, gambling, alcohol, prostitutes, sinners etc...

But what or who does G-d love? People don't go around saying "G-d loves____" no of couse not! That would give people the chance to move around to boast in the pride that G-d loves them, to give them a chance to break through the conformity of the Christian group.

I'm not Catholic anymore, but I still hold some kind of wierd twisted respect for the Church because I did grow up in it and it is the church my family went to. True, they have there faults and it depends on what congregation you go to but I do know that my priest never said that G-d hated anyone except for people who act like they know exactly what G-d likes and doesn't like as if they sat down and had coffeee with him last Tuesday.

So yeah, after gets through saving "fag infested" UNM they are off to Santa Fe...They are going to picket right in front of the CATHEDRAL. Pisses me off....thats such an awesome cathedral in Santa Fe's plaza. After that they are going to the other Cathedral with the spiral staircase. Grrrrr not only do they insult my best friends and family for being gay, but then they go and insult the rest of my Catholic family.

I promised Jake I wouldn't get involved so I am just gonna sit here and bitch about it :-)

Here is the song:

We are one in the Spirit,We are one in the Lord,
We are one in the Spirt,We are one in the Lord,
And we pray that all unity may one day be restored.

And they'll know we are Christians by our love,by our love,
Yes, they'll know we are Christians by our love.

We will walk with each other,We will walk hand in hand,
We will walk with each other,We will walk hand in hand,
And together we'll spread the news that God is in our land.

[repeat refrain]

We will work with each other,We will work side by side,
We will work with each other,We will work side by side,
And we'll guard each one's dignity and save each one's pride.

[repeat refrain]

All praise to the Fa-ther, From whom all things come,
And all praise to Christ Jesus,His only Son,
And all praise to the Spirit,who makes us one.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Still to come...

This post is more for me so I will have a checklist of the things I want to write about. (Not includeing random blurbs I might add in-between, and I am still working on my blog template).

So yeah, who knew it would take me over a month just to write about one week. In other unrelated to spring break news...I am trying to finish a book called "The Pacific War 1931-1945" By Saburo Ienaga about the Japanese involvement in WW1 and WW2. Then I have to read "In the Realm of a Dying Emperor" by Norma Field so that I can write an essay on the militarism and patriotism in Japanese society. That is due April 29th. I guess I should get back to it.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ceasar's bath meme

I was hit with a meme! Actually, I'm really excited because this is the first meme that anyone has ever asked me to participate in :-) Mr. Shawn Campbell (whose link isn't fixed yet on my side asked me to do this so here it is:

Behold, the Caesar's Bath meme! List five things that people in your circle of friends or peer group are wild about, but you can't really understand the fuss over. To use the words of Caesar (from History of the World Part I): “Nice. Nice. Not thrilling… but nice.”

This is just a rough draft...I still need to think about it

1. Usher- Why does everyone like Usher? He isn't the greatest singer, he only has one verse and then sings the chorus "over and over again" and thats it! He annoys me.

2. Reality TV shows- Not like QESG but shows like "Survivor" or "The Bachelorette". "Fear Factor" is totally discusting and I just don't get what is so appealing about these shows that are tottally stupid.

3. Piercings- I'm cool with just about any body piercing except those guys who get those really big disk thingies in there ears. They cover up practically half their ears and not only does it look painfull, but it makes them look like aliens or something.

4. Putting tuition on your credit card- This one is pretty self explanitory.

5. I can't think of a 5th one so I'll update tomorrow with my final draft for this.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Defender of Orthodoxy"

Not to sure how I feel about the new pope. Just his nickname kinda sends chills down my back. but hey! He looks very good for 78 years old, and there is something kind looking about him. He's German which is an extra bonus in my book since I hold strrong to my German heritage....but I think my German ancestors where Lutheran :-P

Anyways, we have a new pope...or at least the Catholic church does.

Monday, April 18, 2005

San Fransico

I get to drive on the bridge! I get to drive on the bridge!

OK, so we have plenty of bridges to drive on in Albuquerque: Rio Bravo, Mantaño, Paseo del Norte, and Alameda…..but they are like little dirt trails compared to the bridge I drove on to get to San Francisco. Hell, The ocean makes the Rio Grande look like a trail of water left from a leaky faucet.

Anyways, we’re in San Francisco! Woohoo!!!! So now what? Neither of us had a clue of where to go, or what to do. My friends Larry and Perry live in the bay area and I have pictures of them at the warf so I thought, lets go there! So we did….it wasn’t to hard to find, there where signs and the streets in San Fran where very easy to figure out. We found a place to park and went walking along the beach.

Isn’t it pretty?!

It was late by the time we got there I don’t even remember what time it was probably about 6 or so. I was getting hungry because we hadn’t eaten since before the windmills and that was just subway, plus I’m hypoglycemic and need to keep the blood sugar levels in check. We walk along the warf which is very touristy…at least where we were at. We passed by some pizza, hamburgers, typical American food. However, Charles said “we are in San Francisco we have to eat something exotic.” I agreed kind of…I wasn’t really in the mood to argue at the moment. So we get back in the car (did I mention we drove ALL DAY?). We start driving around and Charles has the map while I am driving. All the buildings are super tall and the architecture is just amazing. I wish I had more time to spend there because I would have loved to just stare at some of the older buildings. By this time though it’s dark and I am starving. When my blood sugar levels drop I get really bitchy, and I can’t see straight or really function at all….did I mention I was driving? Charles and his expert map skills had us driving around in circles. We get to what he thinks is China town but it was just a red light district and I was like “get me out of here ASAP.” Finally after not being able to see where the road was and me ending up driving on part of the trolley tracks he decided we should just leave.

We find the bridge we crossed over and it was very scary leaving San Francisco. It was dark and I couldn’t really see straight and we where driving on the under part of the bridge instead of on top. We don’t have anything like that in Albuquerque and we don’t have tunnels so the whole thing just freaked me out since my senses were all out of whack. We get out of San Francisco and end up eating at a Lyons in Emeryville….so much for exotic food. I could have killed him.

Looking back now, I really want to go back, but I want to be with someone who knows the area and can show me around. I also want to have more than just a couple of hours to spend there and preferably, I don’t want to drive!

More on spring break to come!

Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm back!

I've finished all my essays, and all my mid-terms so now I finally can write again!!!! I've started making changes to my's gonna take me a while since I totally don't know what I am doing...I'm like HTMwhat? So yeah, but I got things changed around a bit and new's not nearly done so don't get pissed yet, I promise it will be halfway decent looking eventually....

I haven't forgotten that I left you all hanging right in middle of San Frransico but don't worry, I will finish my spring break story. I hope everyone is doing good and expect a lot more from me now that I have NOTHING TO DO....for a while anyways.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Don't put me on a milk carton yet...

I'm alive, just been busy as hell. I had 2 essays due at the begining of week, then I had a day of sleep and hanging out with a friend, and then week is likely to be the same because I have three mid-terms so this might be all you get for a while. Either I am to cool to make my blog top priority, or not cool enough depending on how it's looked upon and by whom. Anyways, lets see...what can I write about...

first of all something has happend to a-[e]'s blog. (all you get is a not so lovely picture). I loved his blog, but he must of finally gotten so pissed off he couldn't handle it anymore....or something.

Here is something else for your amusement pleasures. I highlighted the greatest part of this article...

Sunday, March 27, 2005
Premature Dash for Goodies 'Was Like a Stampede'— and Then People Got Hit by Eggs
Albuquerque Journal
-->By Leann HoltJournal Staff Writer
There was excitement galore at the city's second annual Bunnies and Balloons Egg Hunt at Balloon Fiesta Park on Saturday, but not the kind expected. While some attendees pronounced the early morning experience a "huge disaster," event promoters promised things would be better next year.

"This was a good idea but bad reality," said Marie Marino, who was one of dozens of people who temporarily lost their children in the melee. "It was like a stampede. We'll never do it again."

A miscue from the Easter Bunny triggered the pandemonium, resulting in a pounding herd of more than 5,000 parents and children who surged unchecked onto a field riddled with 8,000 plastic eggs full of candy and prize certificates. The anonymous man in a bunny suit was performing a warm-up act for the impatient crowd that had started gathering at 6 a.m. He was about to lead the group in dancing the "Bunny Hop," said Kathie Leyendecker, a spokeswoman for the Balloon Fiesta, a co-sponsor of the event.

Instead of kicking up their heels after the bunny said: "Is everybody ready? One, two, three," the crowd made a dash for the eggs, she said.

Many children and parents were separated from each other in the confusion. The sprinters on the front lines scooped up most of the eggs, leaving the slower group empty-handed, attendees said.

Mayor Martin Chávez was philosophical.
"Some of the kids didn't get eggs, but that's a life lesson," he said.

Six-year-old Madison Marino said she was scared.
"I thought I wouldn't find my daddy," she said, wide-eyed.

After a brief respite, the drama continued when three hot-air balloons rose into the cold, rainy sky to drop more plastic eggs.

Because of fast winds, the eggs had to be dumped out of trash bags quickly onto the field below, Leyendecker said. The crowd had once again flooded the field, positioning themselves. Some said they were hit by the eggs.

"When we got here, everything was gone (off the field)," said parent Linda Gonzales, rubbing her eye where she said an egg had hit. "Then we got hit by the eggs. It was mass confusion."

Some families seemed to enjoy the ruckus.
"What more excitement can you have than the competition of running out onto a field with a lot of other kids?" said Cheri Ashe.
Ashe's sons, Bobby and Travis, were glowing over the prizes they won, which included a DVD and a stuffed animal.

Many families also enjoyed the activities surrounding the egg hunt. Vendors at the park provided a climbing wall, fun jumps and face painting— all free. Volunteers hosted bean-bag tosses and other games.

Krispy Kreme gave away more than 100 dozen donuts.
Employees from Radio Disney 1240 AM, another event sponsor, handed out 500 bags of candy to children who didn't get an egg off the field.
"People are telling me they're still out here enjoying the day," Leyendecker said after the field cleared. She added that the lessons learned Saturday would make next year "even better."

Steve and Kara Grant said despite their family's disappointment with the hunt, they might come back next year.
"Six o'clock is awfully early to get up and get nothing," Kara Grant said.
"But I'm sure they learned from it," Steve Grant added. "We'll probably try it again next year."

Copyright 2005 Albuquerque Journal Commercial reprint permission.

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