Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Your aura is pulsing my dear. Are you in the beyond? I think you are.

Spring Break day 2, Sunday March 13, 2005:

Sunday is church day. Millions and billions of people go to church on Sunday. I went to church with my Aunt in Long Beach. I had been to her church before but was to young to fully understand what was going on. This time however, I knew full well what everything was about. It's an independant church that was founded in I don't know late 70's or 80's. It's the only one of it's kind. It was founded by some dude named Damion who was Catholic but discovering that he was gay and psychic, he in the true american spirit founded his own church: Universal Mind Science.

What a bizzare church. They claim they are open, affirming and don't descriminate against other peoples beleifs. They are all about the energy of the people and your aura. Well that can be cool I suppose. They don't have a fixed set of beleifs and you are encouraged to find your own way on your spiritual journey, and of course encourage to study the relm of metaphisics. Before church they have a meditative moment and so I, being someone who loves meditating decided to do so. I was sitting there and my aunt leans over and say's "uncross your legs, you can't be receptive to the energy around you with your legs crossed." Of course I am like Alley McBeil and a mental bitch slap was in order. I got really upset because what if I am Buddhist and to meditate I sit in the lotus possition??? I mean, her way of meditating is fine, but she shouldn't critisize my way of doing it. So, after the interuption I had to change the subject of meditation to focus on calming myself down. Whew, chill out Jen......

So then bla, bla, bla, we get to the sermon. I forget what the self proclaimed pasters name is but she was raised in the Christian Science church. That was her only training. She is also a "medium" and can see dead people like in the movie the 6th sense. She proceeds to read the newspaper to us. Appearantly there is a religious section with a very right-winged fundamental columist. The artical was about how she finds it offensive to her god when Grammy Award Winners thank G-d for there accomplishements when they give there speach. The article then goes on to refferance 1Corinthians know the one that condems everyone. Well this pastor lady gets to the word idolators and she can't pronounce it to save her life! She said idole-A-tors, and was like "does anyone know what an idole-A-tor is? hahahahahahaha! Anyways, I found the article very interesting because it did manage to piss everyone off including my and I need to try and see if I can find a copy of it online. The part that made me more mad though was the way the pastor read the article totally went against the churches one fundamental belief. She was calling this woman all kinds of names and calling her things like "self rightious" or "closeminded" then after thouroghly insulting this poor woman she reminded us that UMS accepts everyone and loves everyone and they don't judge people.

But what the hell was she doing? She was very clearly judging this woman. I got the message of "everyone is welcome here at UMS IF you are a liberal" she was calling that lady a hipocrite but you know what? I think the Pastor was being just as hipocritical!

My Aunt is very involved with this church and it seemed like thats all she talked about the whole time I was there. It was always UMS this, UMS that and all about being psychic and who had the ability and who didn't.

Very strange, I think I will stick to my closed-minded self. I have no desire to develope my psychic capabilities and will continue to meditate with my legs crossed and maybe even become limber enough to do the Lotus Possition (just kidding). Anyways I will definatly stay grounded and only deal with things I perceive to be "solid".
What a kooky church that is.
It is the difficulty of anyone who attempts tolerance to try to maintain that attitude towards even intolerant and biased people. We must do so because doing otherwise typically makes those intolerant people more defensive of their views. Tolerance is applied with the understanding that unhealthy attitudes will be crushed under the weight of their own instabilities.

I love the idea of that church; people getting together to forge new bonds between other people and religion. It is funny how people’s insecurities get exposed in such environments and comments like “that’s not how you meditate” come out.

You bring up such a wonderful point and one that is very Buddhist in its attempt to walk that middle path. If we are going to give up our intolerant attitudes, then we must also give up our attitudes regarding others who are intolerant! We must allow those elements to coexist and allow those people to isolate themselves from the rest of the human family. I see it all the time in my city by the Bay (San Francisco), most people sit around and create their own battles over intolerance without really understanding what such attitudes entail - something which you have illustrated wonderfully in your post. Thanks!

P.S. Thank you much for the comment on my blog. Got a few items of hate mail but I know a drastic post would ferret out those blogs (like yours) that I might actually enjoy reading!
Thanks Misc. Debris! I totally agree you can't fight intolerance with's hipocracy!

But then again, it is extreamly hard to do. I'm not perfect and will be the first to admit I can be intolerant at times, but I try not to be. I try to be open as best I can in understanding other people and where they are comming from.

Look forward to hearing more thoughts from you and I will continue to visist your blog as well!

Gay rights advocates have to walk this line all the time, too? Are we supposed to be tolerant of people who think we're all child molesters? And so we get accused of being intolerant ourselves. Nirvana is a long way off.

You know we're very tolerant at our church, and would welcome people of different viewpoints. But I don't think they'd be comfortable sticking around in the minority. Some of our older members feel this way, I'm sure, as the church has moved strongly in one direction as they moved more slowly, if at all.
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