Saturday, March 26, 2005


Well, it's the weekend and I have tons to do so I won't be posting anything about my spring break trip for the next few days. I have two 4 page essays due next week, one on Monday and the other on Wednesday.

I was finally able to get my Shitty Blogs Club button fixed and working again. I also added a weather thing so yall can see how horrible the weather is here in Albuquerque...lets just say it has been snowing all day :-/ I was wearing capris and a tank top yesterday and now a sweater and boots!

I hope everyone has a happy easter and I will try posting on Monday :-)

love yall,

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Spring Break day 3, Monday March 14, 2005:

Ah vacation! The great thing about vacation is you get to relax right? I mean your in walking distance of a beach.....what could be any better? Well, I was getting ready slowly and lazily for a nice relaxing day. Charles comes in and says "I'm bored lets drive up to San Francisco." I kind os give him and OMG your joking right? look and asked him if he knew it was like a 5 hour drive. He convinced me to go with him.

The drive up to San Franciso was extreamly boring. Once we got out of the LA area there was nothing....just farms and farms, and farms. If there wasn't a farm then there where hills of the most brilliant green ever. On top of the hills though, where windmills! There where miles and miles of these gigantic white windmills that where used to creat energy or something scientific like that.

Before I go into detail of San Francisco I wanted to post a picture (even though you can't see the windmills I was trying to get) and the lyrics to a song by Toad the Wet Sprocket (remember when they where the coolest band ever! heehee).


I spend too much time raiding windmills
We go side by side
Laughing until it’s right

There’s something that you won’t show
Waiting where the light goes
Take the darkest hour-break it open
Water to repair what we have broken

There’s something that you won’t show
Waiting where the light goes
And anyway the wind blows
It’s all worth waiting for

Pull on the borders to lighten the load
Tell all the passengers we’re going home

I spend too much time seeking shelter
World without end couldn’t hold her

There’s something that you won’t show
Waiting where the light goes
And anyway the wind blows
It’s all worth waiting for
Anyway the wind blows

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Your aura is pulsing my dear. Are you in the beyond? I think you are.

Spring Break day 2, Sunday March 13, 2005:

Sunday is church day. Millions and billions of people go to church on Sunday. I went to church with my Aunt in Long Beach. I had been to her church before but was to young to fully understand what was going on. This time however, I knew full well what everything was about. It's an independant church that was founded in I don't know late 70's or 80's. It's the only one of it's kind. It was founded by some dude named Damion who was Catholic but discovering that he was gay and psychic, he in the true american spirit founded his own church: Universal Mind Science.

What a bizzare church. They claim they are open, affirming and don't descriminate against other peoples beleifs. They are all about the energy of the people and your aura. Well that can be cool I suppose. They don't have a fixed set of beleifs and you are encouraged to find your own way on your spiritual journey, and of course encourage to study the relm of metaphisics. Before church they have a meditative moment and so I, being someone who loves meditating decided to do so. I was sitting there and my aunt leans over and say's "uncross your legs, you can't be receptive to the energy around you with your legs crossed." Of course I am like Alley McBeil and a mental bitch slap was in order. I got really upset because what if I am Buddhist and to meditate I sit in the lotus possition??? I mean, her way of meditating is fine, but she shouldn't critisize my way of doing it. So, after the interuption I had to change the subject of meditation to focus on calming myself down. Whew, chill out Jen......

So then bla, bla, bla, we get to the sermon. I forget what the self proclaimed pasters name is but she was raised in the Christian Science church. That was her only training. She is also a "medium" and can see dead people like in the movie the 6th sense. She proceeds to read the newspaper to us. Appearantly there is a religious section with a very right-winged fundamental columist. The artical was about how she finds it offensive to her god when Grammy Award Winners thank G-d for there accomplishements when they give there speach. The article then goes on to refferance 1Corinthians know the one that condems everyone. Well this pastor lady gets to the word idolators and she can't pronounce it to save her life! She said idole-A-tors, and was like "does anyone know what an idole-A-tor is? hahahahahahaha! Anyways, I found the article very interesting because it did manage to piss everyone off including my and I need to try and see if I can find a copy of it online. The part that made me more mad though was the way the pastor read the article totally went against the churches one fundamental belief. She was calling this woman all kinds of names and calling her things like "self rightious" or "closeminded" then after thouroghly insulting this poor woman she reminded us that UMS accepts everyone and loves everyone and they don't judge people.

But what the hell was she doing? She was very clearly judging this woman. I got the message of "everyone is welcome here at UMS IF you are a liberal" she was calling that lady a hipocrite but you know what? I think the Pastor was being just as hipocritical!

My Aunt is very involved with this church and it seemed like thats all she talked about the whole time I was there. It was always UMS this, UMS that and all about being psychic and who had the ability and who didn't.

Very strange, I think I will stick to my closed-minded self. I have no desire to develope my psychic capabilities and will continue to meditate with my legs crossed and maybe even become limber enough to do the Lotus Possition (just kidding). Anyways I will definatly stay grounded and only deal with things I perceive to be "solid".

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Standing in the middle of yesterday

Before I move on to Sunday and the rest of my Spring break trip I want to talk about something... more like someone. I know David knows who Kevin Mequet is. We met on an old discussion board last year and I have talked about him off and on in posts. I consider him to be one of my many mentors for religion and life itself. He helped me gather the strenth I needed to step away from the LDS church and has helped me by encouraging me to study and find out what my own beleifs are. We email, talk on the phone, and even exchange snail mail letters. He lives in San Jose California.

Kevin knew about my spring break trip to CA and was excited. He was going to come down to Long Beach for a couple of days and stay at a childhood friends house. I was excited to! However, when I got to California he never answered his phone, or responded to my emails. I was scared, he never has done this before. So I call up our friend Billy and tell him whats going on. Billy tries calling and emailing and the same thing happens, no repsonce what-so-ever. I tried to forget about it and jsut relax and have fun, but I would be lying if I told you all that I completly let it go. No way! I am known to worry myself sick, but I tried not to let it affect me.

On Friday when I got home I started going through the tons of emails I had to respond to. Vacations suck when it comes to things like that. There was still nothing from Kevin. Then I remembered a discussion board that he participates on for Bishop Spong. (a retired Methodist Bishop who has written a few books). Well, it seems as though Mr. Mequet can have time to post on a stupid discussion board but he can't call me to say he isn't going to meet me in Long Beach?!!! He can't call me to tell me he is bussy? He can't call me to tell me to fuck off????? I mean seriously. I was so uncharactoristically mad, and really hurt by his lack of consideration. I then wrote an email to Billy explaining everything and saying a ton of really bad things. Billy forwarded my email to Kevin and now I am regretting the words I said. They where hurtful and mean.

I still haven't heard anything from Kevin and neither has anyone else who I know, knows him. I want to write an apology to him telling him I am sorry for the things I said, but at the same time I feel like I really do have the right to say those things because of what he did to me.

Frenchy in Grease said "The only man a girl can trust is her daddy." I can't even trust my father!!!!!!!! I guess I can't trust any men.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Desert drive

Spring Break Day 1:

On Saturday March 12th we (meaning Charles and I) headed for Long Beach California. We left at 5am for a 12 hour drive that would get us out of the house, out of Albuquerque and to somewhere that had potential of being better than anywhere else. This was not the first time I had been to Long Beach, my Aunt has lived there all my life and so does her 2nd (so my third) cousin Neils and his partner Tom. I was so excited to get out of New Mexico and go to a place I love.

Getting there sucked. It was the first time I had driven and what a horrible drive! We took I-40 West. The drive was very boring between Gallup New Mexico and Flagstaff Arizona. There was nothing but miles of ugly desert. I guess I am just biased but New Mexico desert is so much more beautiful than Arizona's. All in all it was a pretty successfull drive. Uneventfull, but I was so pumped and excited I didn't care :-) We arrived in Long Beach about 7pm there time which is 8pm NM time...not too bad.

That was jsut day gets better but yall have to wait, I'll post more tomorrow!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Spring Break

Finally! It's spring break!!! Or will be once I make it through today. Chaz and I are going to be going to Long Beach California! I have some family up there so it is going to be tons of fun. The goal is to lay on the beach as much as possible and relax.

Don't expect any posts from me until at least next friday or saturday. Not like that is any differant than how I normally post anyways!

Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Get in the zone

I'm about to do something I hate.

I'm about to do something that goes against everything that makes me unique, my "Jenness"

I am going to go kicking and screaming.

I WILL pout all night long.

I have better things to do i.e. read, call people, watch cartoons.

My boyfriend and his friend somehow convinced me to go salsa dancing.

I think I am going to die.

I hate clubs and have never been to one.

I HATE dancing.

I don't think I even danced at my prom.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bibles continued

Ok, Ok, so I said I would post this on Sunday or Monday. Well, I intended to but I have had so much school work to do and I am still working on an essay. The essay is really fun (yes I am one of those wierd people who like to write essays) the topic is Chinese culture and institutions in Heian Japan. Basically it's about how the Chinese influenced Japan in the 11th century. The sources for my essay are of course my text book and class notes but also The Tale of Genji, written by Murasaki Shikibu. It's supposedly the worlds first novel, and it was definatly a good read. I didn't get through the whole thing, no way! It's enourmous, but I got enough to write my essay.

Anywho, yall don't want to hear about Japan, or maybe you do. But I need to write about Bibles. I have four bibles...King James Version (KJV), The New American Bible (NAB), The New Oxford Annotaited Bibe(NOAB wich is the NRSV with Apocripha), and the New International Version Teen (NIV).

The KJV is well, the KJV! It's not that bad of a bible, but of course it doesn't have the apocrapha. The NIV is one of the most offensive bibles in my mind, especially the teen version because it has all kinds of trash thrown in about what a Christian should and should not do. The NAB has some awesome annotations in it. and I have a nice small one that I can walk around with. The NOAB, is the one we use at school as our "text book", and if the NAB has good annotations, this one has even more. But it's a monster of a bible that is hard to carry around. Also, the inclusive languege leaves out some very importaint things.

So, when I go to a book store and look at all the various bibles there are 2 verses I look up. One, is in the Old Testament, Hosea 1:1-5. The more offensive this sounds, the better the translation. Of course, it's all true to! He really did go marry a whore :-) Then the second verse I look up is in the New Testament 1Chronicals 6:9 now for this one the less offensive it sounds the better. I think the only bible that treats it fairly is the NAB, because it explains in the annotations that the greek word translated as homosexuals means in a short way of explaining it, male pedophilia. The bible that treats this verse the worse is the NIV teen, because then it has tons of little exerpts condeming homosexuals.

What I like to do is read both the NOAB and NAB so that I can get all the notes and compair them. So those are my thoughts, and sorry it took so long. Also, I am not going to spell check this post 'cause if I do I will be late for class.

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