Friday, February 18, 2005

The Shitty Blogs Club

Well, I had heard about the SBC before but was always to lazy to join. But then Mango won an award for shitty blog of the month. I thought about how my recent posts complain about how my blog isn't beautiful, so I went to the SBC site to see if I can join. Initiation was tough. I had to learn how to mess with my blog template and put some top secret code into it. I thought you could just stick it at the top, but no. Blogs are picky and you have to put it in just the right spot or else you will just screw everything up and you would be even shittier than when you asked to join the SBC.

However, I was determined to join, I just had to. All the cool bloggers are in it and I wanted to be cool to. Plus, the site was started by a[e] who is lurking here somewhere on campus. So after long hours of trying to figure out computer crap that I could care less about, I was able to get a button, in the right place and thus became a member of the Shitty Blogs Club.

I would like to thank G-d, my mom, Harold and all my blogger roll models, David, Liz, because I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for yall.
PS: Now I need to learn how to make links in a post. Bet it has something to do with that code crap again...
Welcome to the Shitty Blogs CLub! I see you figured out how to add the button, but this might help anyway: Adding Sidebar links in Blogger Templates

If you read that, you will see how to make a link .. it's the same for in posts, you just don't need the < p > part in the post.

Anyway, welcome, Be Proud, Be Shitty!
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