Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Jihad by pepper

I was reading the crime watch section of the Daily Lobo today and I found something interesting:

Feb 15

"A woman contacted UNM police to report that someone poured a large amount of pepper on her vehicles hood, causing damage to the engine and other mechanical items, a police report stated.

She told police she took her car to a mechanic who found pepper in the engine, the vents, and the entire interior compartment. The woman said five pounds of pepper were removed from her car, according to the report. She didn't have the monetary damage amount.

The report stated the woman did not know who could have committed the act, but would keep police advised.

The next day she received a suspicious letter containing biblical quotes and the dictionary definition of "selfish."

She told police she did not know if the letter was connected to the pepper in her vehicle."
I wonder why it was pepper.
I have no clue. It seems like that would be a lot of wasted time and money if you ask me.
Definitely seems like a waste of time. Then again, sometimes there just isn't much to do in ABQ...
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