Saturday, February 26, 2005

"I'm a material girl, living in a material world"

I am so glad that I am a double major. I hate lying to people, even if I know it will avoid a conflict or confrontation.

My mom has worked at the same office for like 15 years and everybody knows everybody...It's like a big family. I have worked there too off and on during breaks or on weekends. The owner is a really old, sweet guy. The problem? He is an ultra-conservative Catholic. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I was raised in the same environment.

anyways, I was working today and he came and started talking to me. He asked how school was, "it's going really great". He asked me what my major was "History" I replied. Then he said, "but not the history they teach at the University right? It's full of damn liberals. It's a good subject to learn. I know you won't forget our roots and what this country was founded on. What's your plans for after school, teaching?" I said "something like that."

I can't tell my moms boss that I am also getting a degree in Religion, and I want to be a minister! He still thinks I'm a good Catholic girl.

I told the truth, I am majoring in History. I just didn't tell the WHOLE truth...That's not bad is it?
Yeah, tough that he's your mom's boss, because otherwise you should have given him what-for.

>I know you won't forget our roots and what this country was founded on.
"Which roots: the liberty and justice for all including women, minorities, and homosexuals? or the roots where christian men ruled the world and women and slaves were mere property?"
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