Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Mango Awards!

YAY! I won! I won! I won! Woohoo! :-)

I won a Mango Award for the category of "Only Blogger I Know Who is Studying Religion to Get "Insites".


This is so exciting! I would like to thank all my readers: David, Chaz, Liz and all the other souls who just tend to wander in and post one thing and never come back again (sigh) Anyways, thank you all for reading my not so interesting blog. I will try to do better in 2005, and definatly after the holiday season....meaning "winter break". I wonder if I am going to get a little sticker thing to stick on my blogg like they do with the BoB awards. That way you could tell the Mangos from the BoBs.....hmmmmm


PS: I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, a happy Yule, a happy Kwanzaa, a happy Chuanakah (sp?), a bitter bah hummbug, a great New Years, and whatever else is out there.

Congratulations!!! Definently (sp) check out the mango page. The award is fabulous. Congrats again and keep up the great work! Go blogging!
Yeah, you get a sticker. Everyone's a winner at the Mango awards.

I'm working on them, both a customized one and a generic "Mango Award Winner" one. I should be done with them sometime this week, I'll let you know when I finish.
Um, so you get an award for being notorious at spelling? :-p
(David, don't take this responce to heart...I'm just joshing)

Lets refrase that sentence Tigger dear. You wrote: "Um, so you get an award for being notorious at spelling?"

It seems you are missing an adverb. netorious at spelling what? It should be: "Um, so you get an award for being notorious for spelling bad." or for being a bad speller, or even "for being a good speller."! HA! Actually, ok my spelling sucks. Plus the spell checker that Blogger gives me when I click on it my pop-up blocker blocks it and I am to lazy some times to turn the pop-up blocker just so I can spell check with a spell checker that can't make sense out of my words. I know I could type my posts in MS Word, but everytime I open up that Norten wants to do it's thing....I'm not the most patient person in the world. Anywhoo....I will try harder.

Oh! and Thanks Mango, I'm looking forward to the sticker, button thingy :-)
Girl, don't start with me on grammar! I'll just say:
"notoriously bad" is redundant in my book. "Notoriously good" can be useful in an ironic sense, though. As in Christian from Latter Days and his fellatio skills. pfffft

A) it's better to be clear and redundant than to leave a small gap for opposing councel to rip you to shreads ;)

B) What the hell is fellacio?
"I could suck the engine out through the tailpipe of a '57 Chevy."

*Runs like hell*
I thought he was talking about giving blow jobs :/
not. going. to. touch.
(it's called a dictionary, hon. Fellatio makes for one happy Fell-O)

OK, so I touched.
All dictionaries and thesauruses, grammer manuals, citation handbooks, and whatever else you could think of both english and legal are at the dorm.

I'll look it up when I get to go back :-)
Yourdictionary.com is your friend, Jen. Where there's internet, there's an answer.
Well, exsqeeze (yes I mean sqeeze) me, for prefering real books over the net. I believe Mr. Jeff Leach (whom you know) and I have had this conversation before. There are two legal sites LexisNexis and WestLaw that offer (for a [ahemm]small fee) just about every court case, statute, law review, bar bullitin, legal encyclopedia etc. etc. online....but you know what?!?! Jeff and I both prefer to actually go to the law library, and find the case or whatever in the actual books. Know what else?!?!?! I can find a case 20 times faster in a book than on the computer....time efficiant my ass. Plus it's really cool when you open up an old dusty book from like the 1920's, one that hasn't been looked through in years.....

:-) Anywhoo! So, why couldn't you just tell me this, or at least email it to me!!!! I'm gonna post i,t just to make you blush :-)
I went to your dictionary site and this is what I found:

Oral stimulation of the penis.

[New Latin, from Latin felltus, past participle of fellre, to suck; see dh(i)- in Indo-European roots.]

Don't blush too much, people at work might think your up to something ;p

Love you David!
Somebody give that girl a mango!
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