Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm home!

Actually, I am back in my dorm, (thank G-d) but my dorm is my home, my little place where I can go and be by myself, with no one to bug me! Classes start on Tuesday, here is my schedule:


9:00-9:50am (Soc 101) Intro to Sociology

11:00-11:50am (RLG 263) Eastern Religions
1:00-1:50pm (Hist 384) History of Japan


9:30-10:45am (Hist 102) Western Civilization 1600-presant
12:30-1:45pm (Art Hist. 204) Greek Civilization

Tuesday only

5:30-8:15pm (RLG 232) New Testament

So, all together that is 6 classes, 18 credit hours. I also need to get a job ASAP, but that is a whole nother issue.

Some good news is that Chaz will finally be back from Ohio in 2 hours, so start looking for changes to my blog in a few days! Woohoo!!!!!

Yay! No 8 a.m. classes! and Yay that Chaz returns!
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