Tuesday, January 18, 2005

First Impressions: Tuesday/Thurseday classes

History 102: Western Civ.
Dr. Enrique Sanabria

You would think that when you sign up for a class that is held in a lecture hall that it would be a traditional lecture class. Meaning, the teacher lectures and the kid takes notes...

My expected grade in this class: B-

Number of people in class: about 150 (and yes, he stood there this morning and called each and every name out to take roll)

Art Hist 204: Greek Civ.

Dr. Monica Cyrino

Can we say pop culture princess? OMG! This lady is more pop culture literate than I am! She's hillarious and it seems it will be hard to take the class seriously, but it will be a ton of fun!

Expected grade in class: A-

Number of people: Not sure, Admin screwed up and the class was over enrolled by 80 people so its moving into the big lecture hall that holds almost 1000 people, if I had to guess though I think it will be around 250 to 300 people.

Religion 232: New Testament

Dr. Gerald Kendrick

I had him for Old Testament last year and nothing much has changed, except for the new subject...3 tests and attendance is mandatory.

Expected grade: B

Number of people in class: 25, but probably 1/4 will drop

At least if he takes roll, that should cut oh... at least 5-10 minutes off of class time, and that is always a good thing..
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