Thursday, January 20, 2005

First Impressions: Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes

Sociology 101:
Mr. Joel Young

This class should be easy enough, and not to boring. Three tests worth 33.3pts each, all multiple choice. Plus, the option of extra credit essays, up to 3 worth 5pts each.

Number of people in class: 150
Expected grade: Duh! A+

Religion 263, Eastern Religions:
Dr. Dan Wolne

My favoritist professor in the religious department! I had him last semester for world religions and it was so much fun. This class will be harder though, than the last one.

Number of people in class 100
Expected grade: B+

History 384, History of Japan:
Dr. Jonathan Porter

You know those shows on PBS and the History channel...The experts of whatever it is they are talking about all have that same proper OMG I'm going to die of boredom voice, well....That's Dr. Porter. He is from the east coast, snob, told us all about his experiences at Harvard and how much harder the work is there verses UNM and blah, blah, blah....very monotone, very sleepy! The course will be fun though! I love Japan and know a lot about the history already, I am sure it will get more interesting when we start to actually get into the material.

Number of people in class: 36
Expected grade: B

I always found that it was only the most boring profs who demanded that you attend class. The good ones didn't have to make threats to fill the seats.
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