Friday, January 21, 2005

Colleges, woman, and a few assholes who ruin everything

A college, and a college department I refuse to go to for grad school...

URG! I just wrote a nice long post, and then went to turn my pop-up blocker off so I could be professional and spell check my post, and everything was lost! I really don't feel like re-typing it AGAIN, I'm tired, still have a bunch of homework and obviously getting a little cranky.

So, just because I started this post last week and everything I will at least make a brief comment.

I am refusing to go to Colorado State University because of his treatment of Katie Hnida, who was on the CSU football team but then transferred over here to UNM. He also has had repeated controversies of taking recruitments to strip-clubs and the likes. He's an asshole, and I will not go to a school who's football team reflects badly on the school.

Second, I am not going to go to Harvard! I read an article and did some research about a speech that president Lawrence Summers recently gave, undermining women, and giving many false and dorky hypothesis on why women are lacking in science fields.

So there you go, a brief post of what a very good post was supposed to talk about. Sorry. And if you where wondering, I am leaning towards Berkeley for grad school ;)

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