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Adam, Eve, and the Japanese

I decided to crack open one of my textbooks for next semester and start outlining the first chapter. In it, the book was talking about the first Japanese culture called the "Jomon" culture. Let me just through out some dates here:

Now, these dates are all fine and everything, BUT they're wrong. How do I know it's wrong? Because, DUH, the bible tells me so. Adam and Eve were the absolutely, very first humans, and the earth was created about 6000-5000 B.C.E. No way could the Japanese have existed and have there own language established way before Adam and Eve (or the world) came into the picture.

Or could they?

Where did the Japanese come from then? If not from the Middle Eastern area, then how did they appear on the earth and in that spot?

This is just one more odd, and interesting reason for me NOT to take the bible at face value, but to look at the deeper meaning. I think the Jews needed an answer about the first people, where they came from, how the earth was created, and the creation story found in the Hebrew Bible is there answer. Every culture has there own story about man and it's creation. There is no honest way of really knowing, and I personally think it's a waste of time. The Buddha didn't like to deal with such issues as creation, heaven or hell, because he couldn't give a real answer, an honest to G-d answer of what is right. No one knows!

one of the other interesting things about the history of japan is that the people we call japanese today were NOT the original inhabitants of those islands. in fact, a group of caucasians were, called the ainu. but nobody knows exactly what their deal is, as far as i know
I'll have to look into that :-)
Our newspaper ran this article last week:
The earth is no more than 20,000 year old! Creation science? Absurd. OK, so there are some gaps in the evolutionary timetable. I think that Douglas Adams' explanation (in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe series) is just as plausible: that a space ship of humanoids crash-landed on earth about a million years ago at a time when the native humanoids were becoming extinct.

Anyway, if you don't want to read the article, you might want to check out these websites. I'll pass. and (Institution for Creation Research)

There's a quote (perhaps apocryphal) from Spong that our pastor used (again) in his sermon yesterday:
"The Bible is absolutely true! And some of it even happened!"
Interesting Spong quote! I have a few of my own Spong Quotes:

"In many of its details, the Bible is simply wrong! Epilepsy is not caused by demon possession. David did not write the Psalms. The earth is not the center of the universe. On other issues of great public concern, the Bible is no longer even regarded as moral. Its verses have been used to affirm war, slavery, segregation and apartheid. It defines women as inferior creatures and suggests that homosexual persons be put to death."

"Atonement theology also assumes, that since we are fallen people, there had to be a time when we were not fallen. That is the theme in the Garden of Eden story. That is not my understanding of the origin of human life. I am a post-Darwinian. I believe life emerged through a long, perhaps four billion year, evolutionary pattern."

I will check out the article and maybe the websites later on tonight. Thanks David!!!!!
Oops, just checked the pastor's sermon on-line. It was Marcus Borg who said that. Interesting sermon if you want to read it, Jen. Go to and find sermons. Yesterday's was a little esoteric for my mood. (As a lay leader in charge of communion, I'm always a little antsy on days we do eucharist.)
BZZZZZ. Try again.

Despite people's best attempts to extract one, no where does the Bible give a length of existence for the Earth or its inhabitants.

This is what passes for college level religious studies these days?
Ok, so I wasn't very clear in my post. Scholars have dated the Genesis creation story to about 5000-6000 BCE. (Or at least that is the number that is stuck in my head. Not 100% positive on that, my Old Testament text is in the dorm and I can't get in until Thurseday). But anyways, a lot of religions, I won't name any, do believe that the earths creation is a certain date, G-d really created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh, and that Adam and Eve where the first and there was NO ONE before them. they refute all scientific findings of later dates for the world and refuse other creation stories.

Of course the bible doesn't give a date. How could it? The writers didn't have our way of measuring time with BC and AD, especially the Old Testament writers.
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