Thursday, December 09, 2004

Why do I always create trouble?!?!?

This is in regard to the picture of Bin Ladden that I found offensive...

Sometimes you have to ignore me! I get really touchy for no apparent reason, sometimes things just click invisible buttons that I have no clue about and I go off ranting and raving.

I didn't mean for the picture to be taken down from the website...That wasn't my intention or even a thought that crossed my mind. Today Chaz and I where trying to figure out why I flipped out. I didn't like the picture because:

a) it assumed Bin ladden was going to hell
b) it assumed that the Islamic theory of dying a martyr and gaining there glory of 10 virgins is incorrect
c) it was making fun of a group that I am terrified of pissing off even further. The doctrine of military jihad is used by the fundamentalists when they think there is a threat or someone is attacking Islam and it's way of being. The more we badmouth them, the more susceptible we are to further attack. BUT, this is just my opinion.

It's all just my opinion, I'm sure I say plenty of things that upset other people. A wise friend of mine told me once that "no matter what you do, you are going to make 50% of the people happy, and at the same time you are going to piss off 50% of people. You can never make everyone happy, so just focus on your happiness."

The intent was never to have the picture taken off, it was just to rant my frustrations on the subject and get out some sort of awareness, that yes while the cartoon is fairly funny (even to me) we should be carefully of the water we are treading.


(On a slightly more hillarious note, the movie Team America succeeded in makeing fun of probably just about everyone! and it was great! )

no problem! The pic was Arafat - stay cool - best regards
I always miss the good stuff.

The Team America sex scene has to be the funniest scene in the entire movie. I get the giggles just thinking about it.
Hey Jen,
I see where your coming from with being upset about the picture. It did get taken down pretty quickly. I agree with your basic reasons for being upset, but this does not mean to offend all Muslims, nor should it. I have many Muslim friends as well, and they are wonderful people! Islam is a wonderful religion with a very diverse history that is currently the fastest growing religion in the world.
As for the fundamentlist groups in Islam, that is another story. That is NOT ISLAM and it should not even be thought of as the same religion. The theory of 10 virgins waiting in heaven to reward these people for killing other people, innocent or not, is not correct. I don't know what is, but this is not the correct way. Religion is fine, but when a person's God tells them to go kill other people in the name of God, this is not a good idea.
As for being offensive, I don't think it should be. I am a fairly strong Christian, liberal maybe, but still Christian. This is not a Bush Bash! I don't like the guy anymore than you do, but that is not the intent. I would not find a picture of a religious leader, political leader, military leader, etc. in a similar picture too offensive if it had some point to it, as I beleive the picture taken down did.
I was not all for the "war on terror" for quite a while, but after the school bombing in Chechnya (spelled wrong) I am all for it. That was an absolutely disgusting crime and we need to do all we can to not let that get repeated, or anything like it.
I know I am rambling a bit, but I am at the standing computers as Zimmerman, waiting on a bunch of other late people to show up. Ha Ha. I have enjoyed posting on your blog, and I will post again. Next time will be some more religios posting and less political, but I enjoy them both. I loved your question sheet. I will post again some time soon. Later and Thank again for the post.
If it was Arafat, that changes things. There is a much different history involved and a much different political situation.
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