Monday, December 27, 2004

Shoes! and Christmas

[Disclaimer: I, Jen, can not spell dog breeds. If a dog breed is mentioned in this post and is misspelled, please forgive me...the spell checker couldn't fix it!]

I hope everyone's holidays where well and enjoyable. Mine was spent in a 3
bedroom 2 bathroom house with 15 relatives, 2 cats, 1 Burmese mountain dog, one blue healer/rotwieler mix, 1 gray hound, 2 chuawahas, and one African gray parrot (who knows how to sing jingle bells). It was fun though, getting out of the city and up to the mountains.

We went to mass on Christmas Eve at an Episcopalian church. The service was nice, but it was way to Catholic in all the wrong ways for my tastes. Don't get me wrong, I for some reason love my Catholic heritage, but the mass and a few comments from some family members lead to a decision to move on and keep searching. There are a million churches out there, I'm sure I'll find one...

Which reminds me!

A quote, from my dear friend David, who faithfully posts on my blogg (thanks for actually reading my ramblings!). One time he said to me:

"There are good and bad points to shopping around for a denomination; one shouldn't believe that eventually someone will make the perfect church for you, but at the same time, if you need a good pair of shoes to run the good race, are you likely to buy the first pair someone hands you? You don't just need shoes, you need shoes that fit"

Your post confuses me a bit - you admit/claim to having a Catholic heritage but you went to an Episcopalian church ... hmmm, I too am Catholic (after much searching came back to the Church and KNOW that it's true) and I would never go to Christmas eve mass at anything but a Catholic church.

Don't get me wrong, I just wasn't clear on where you are. In the end, it seemed that you are looking for some denomination other than the Catholic Church - is that correct?

About the only other thing that I can say is that if you live in a city that is large enough, you always have the option of searching out another parish. That happened to us, we were in one parish for about 15 years and they changed pastors. The new pastor started in with various changes (even though he promised that he wouldn't make any changes for a year). It upset us, however, I go to church for God, not for a priest. If we had only one parish that we could go to, we'd still go there. However, we have the luxury of having several parishes within a 10 mile area and we've found one that is working for us.

Again, I'm NOT preaching - just stating that your post left me a bit confused as to where you are on your spiritual journey.
Don't worry...preach all you want! I'll store it in the "things to ponder on" section of my head and either take the advice or leave it.

Actually, I really love the Priest at the Catholic Church that I went to. I still go sometimes....I will make a post explaining my religious journey.

Thanks for your thoughts!
Had to smile at seeing the shoe thing again. Not long ago, our pastor commented from the pulpit about people looking for the perfect church. "It won't be perfect any more," he said, "after YOU join!"

Interested to here your reaction about the Anglican service. Yeah, I know they're very RC in tone, but ultimately pretty different in philosophy. Still not quite my taste, though.
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