Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Grant Palmer disfellowshipped

How come the LDS church disfellowships and/or excommunicates people who WANT to stay in the church, but they won't let people leave if they want to???

Grant Palmer, scholar, and Mormon has been disfellowshipped for writing a book entitled An Insider's View of Mormon Origins. The book goes into depth of the idea that Joseph Smith didn't receive the Book of Mormon by divine revelation.

To read the Salt Lake Tribunes article on Palmer's dissfellowship go here :

To learn more about the book An Insider's View of Mormon Origins go here:'s.htm

i dont know if you were asking that rhetorically or what, but it seems pretty obvious why they gave him the boot. they cant have any chinks in their armor
I was asking in desperation.
Pretty irritating. An outsider's view is that the LDS church is run by a bunch of playground bullies. I'm sure they all felt "merciful" for only disfellowshipping him.

(If the Trib link doesn't work for you, go to and search.)
Hey, Jen. Was following a link from Andrew Sullivan's blog and came across this discussion of a book you might find interesting:

All recovered from finals?

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