Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Getting to the top

I was sitting in Old Testament class last night, not really paying attention. I love the class, I love my professor, I just wasn't in the right mind frame to sit for 3 hours studying.......ummmm I think we where talking about Amos, and something about Ezra and Chronicles....don't ask, because I have absolutely no clue! Anyways, that's not what's important, towards the end of class my teacher proposed a question, that I am assuming had something to do with what was going on in the lecture "Does anyone ever really get to the top?"

My friend I was sitting next to drew a box and a stick figure standing on top of the box, and I said, yes, he is on top of the box, but he isn't on top of everything. You might physically be on top of the box but there is still something on top of you. To which my friend drew a stick figure on top of the earth! My response?

People are always trying to get to the "top." But the top of what? Even if they do reach the desired goal of getting to the top of the mountain, or becoming the CEO of a company, people are never satisfied. Man is never satisfied, was are always striving for something more, something better; but in reality you can never achieve the very top because the very top of everything is G-d. It's like the mathematical pie theory, no matter how hard you try, there is never going to be an end to the problem.

Ok, so I guess this is a little pessimistic to think that we are never going to get to the top of anything, and I guess I read Ecclesiastes a bit to much, but there is a point. We need not get discouraged about the fact that we can't really reach the top of everything we do...The trick is to be content with where you are at. If you are a CEO of a certain company, you have two choices, stay the CEO, or move on to something different. If you are on top of the box, you have the same choices, either stay on top of the box, or move on. However, in the case of moving on, like with the box, you have to get down before you can go somewhere else.

that's when one needs to ask themselves "would it be worth to get down, and stay down for a while, or should I just stay on top?" In examining my life to this point I can honestly say that I have gotten down many more times than stayed where I was. Every time I got down, I experienced something new, Sometimes something better, sometimes something worse, but each time I have learned valuable lessons and each one has brought a new sense of awareness of myself, and where I stand spiritually.

Looking down from heaven, we are all just tiny little dots, the difference is how much more we shine. Some people might have lots of riches and political power and might be at the "top" but they are dull and blend in with the earths grains. While little Joe in Madagascar who sacks groceries shines brightly and is seen by all the eyes in heaven.

I read a poem or an essay once, and I wish I could remember what it was or who it was by because I think of it often. The idea of it is that we can never be content. We think, if only I had this or that, I'd be happy. Then you get this or that, and you realize there is still yet more to be desired. One of the ideas is if we weren't shooting for something, there would be no reason to live. It doesn't have to be some grandiose thing we're shooting for. It could simply be to have a degree, to raise good children, to finish an afghan. For some people it is climbing as high as possible. Whatever it is, it is something we need to keep us all going. I find I am most unhappy in life when I do not have a goal that I am working towards. I really wish I could remember what I read, now it's going to drive me crazy.
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