Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Attack on Islamic beliefs

I was surfing blogs on that blogexplosion thingy and I came across something completely and utterly appalling! It makes me sick to my stomach. Why can't we as Americans be more religious tolerant? Why do we have to attack other cultures that are different from our own? Why do we have to democracize every country in the world and conform them to Abercrombi and Fitch wearing, English speaking, Mc Donalds super-sizing, democratic, conservative Christians? It's not right, and nothing makes me more upset.

This picture is supposed to be funny, I get that; but it's not. I know it would defiantly offend my Islamic friends.

Attack on Islamic beliefs? No. Not really. What most people are pissed off about is the fact that moderate Muslims won't step up and denounce terrorist attacks and the extremists who carry them out. That seems to be the target of what you call "attacks on Islam".

True, it's not really an attack on there beliefs, but it is still making fun of them. Fundamentalist or not we shouldn't make fun of them...that only leads to more anger and hate on all sides of the issue. This doesn't apply to just Muslims either. My wish is that the world would just be a bit more tolerant and respectful of all people and there own personal religious beliefs.

I guess the picture upset me last night because it was disrespectful. Yes, they have done some pretty horrid stuff to us, and there is NO justification for what they did...but that doesn't give us the right to poke fun at them, that only makes them more upset at us and a potential for them to do more harm in the future. Yet, no one see's that with all our jokes, it just adds more fuel to an already blazing fire.
It is down - my apologies.
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