Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A loving and just G-d

I'm putting James' book aside for a moment, as I have finals coining up and very little time to delve into a deep subject that takes to much time and care.

For now though, I would like to discuss something different. I stumbled across another's blogg and he is struggling with being gay, and Christian. I won't give out any names, or websites, because I know most of your feelings about this topic and am not sure if this man needs your thoughts at the moment. ;)

Anyways, it got me thinking...Can G-d make anything imperfect? If G-d is perfect, and a loving and just G-d like we are taught in the scriptures, would he puposly make anything, or one, imperfect? Would he honestly make someone gay and then tell them "now go to earth and try to not be gay"? That doesn't seem fair, or just, or loving!

Then, why do people teach this? The man on his blogg repeatedly said this is a choice between him and G-d and has nothing to do with the church or anyone else demanding him to live a heterosexual life. He said he prayed to G-d and this is what G-d wants him to do. I just can't understand why G-d would want anyone to do this kind of thing. From what I get out of the Bible, is that G-d "requires mercy, not sacrifice".

The whole contraversy of being born gay was put to rest in Genesis. "He made them male and female..." "A man shall cleave unto his wife..." It sounds like this guys struggle is a needless one. If he would see that he wasn't born this way but that he chose this way, then he could decide which life he wanted to live--either change a be a Christian or stay and face the end consequences. As of now he's living in a false light.
Actually, plenty of studies have proven that people are BORN GAY. Why would anyone choose to be gay? That would be like me choosing to jump in the polar bear cage at the zoo! For 90% of the gay population being gay is not a choice, but something they are born with. G-d made them that way and they should live a happy life just like heterosexuals do, only with the parnter of there choice
Oh, yeah, like Genesis has all the answers. Don't get me started. Logic 101 for you: just because God made men and women and said that men can have wives doesn't preclude any other arrangement, does it? God made hermaphrodites, too, didn't he?

Jen, of course God makes things imperfect (that's one way that evolution works: by fine-tuning the imperfections), and bad things happen to good people. People are born with hearing defects as often as they're born with musically perfect pitch. But being homosexual is neither bad nor imperfect, it just IS. If this guy recognizes his homosexuality and has made the choice that he should live a celibate life, well, then I don't have to be happy about it but it is a valid choice as much as my choice to live a fulfilling life in a committed relationship is my choice.

There's no way I can really do justice to this topic, hon, but I couldn't let your anonymous poster go challenged by only one voice.
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Thanks for leaving your comments on my post. I think there is another question: can God make imperfection perfect? The Bible is a story of His ever doing that. Trouble is, sometimes we judge each other, and ourselves, harshly, and in so doing we judge Him too. May His grace enable us to see how merciful and gracious He is to us and may we learn to give grace to others, and most of all, to ourselves. Then perhaps we might be able to accept His offer of grace, mercy and love towards us.
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